Teeth Whitening Cost

Are you now planning for a huge event such as a wedding or class reunion? Then you must be aware that a white smile is surely a major confidence booster if you wish to stand out and make a good impression.

Most are attracted in whiter and brighter teeth; however, they mostly flinch at the cost. But having your teeth whitened does not need to be costly. You will find some ways to have a brighter smile whatever your budget is. This ranges from OTC options to professional services presented by dentists.

How Do Tooth Whitening Work?

Take note that teeth whitening products have different amounts of carbamide peroxide and hydrogen peroxide. These two ingredients are the source to whitening your teeth. Specialists agree that home teeth whitening products include at least ten percent of these ingredients, while a professionally applied teeth whitening procedures include 25% to 40%.

You see, the more hydrogen peroxide a teeth whitening product is, the more long-lasting and efficient the treatment. Even though a few at-home choices do not offer an instant and obvious effect, which professional services do, they could make a difference at a more reasonable rate.

Professional Whitening Kits

A dentist could set you up along with a customized at-home whitening kit. This alternative is less costly than those in-office bleaching, but this is more efficient than OTC whitening products.

Your dentist will also assess your teeth first and submit them to the lab to create the teeth whitening trays. You can expect to have your trays between 1 to 2 weeks after the impressions are obtained. Normally, you need to use the whitening try for at least an hour a day for about two weeks.

The first shade of the teeth must be recorded in the chart of your dentist for comparison once the whitening has been finished. Therefore, you could notice how bright your teeth are.

In-Office Whitening

Opting for a professional in-office teeth whitening treatment is considered the most sought-after dental treatment around the globe. As you can tell, this treatment is costly; however, the results are massive and immediate. You will instantly see long-lasting and instant results compared to cheap at-home whitening treatments. What’s more, in-office whitening only needs one visit to your dentist. The applied belching gel will remain in your tooth for at least fifteen to thirty minutes.

On the other hand, home-use whitening items utilize low-dosage bleaching agents. In-office whitening, presented by dentists happens under controlled scenarios. It enables the safe usage of a high concentration of bleaching gel.

Even though the majority of dental insurances do not cover cosmetic whitening, you will find some dentist that provide prepaid payment plans to divide the expense.

OTC Teeth Whitening Trays

Almost the same to in-office whitening kits, OTC trays include a mouth guard-like tray together with a whitening gel. Normally, the tray is used between 1 to 2 hours every day, between 1 and 4 weeks. These kits do not have the benefits of in-office being molded to suit your mouth. What’s more, it has fewer concentrations of bleaching agents. Nonetheless, for a fraction of the price of in-office kits, this might be a good option.


You will find some whitening gels are less than ten bucks and need time commitments as less than five minutes. OTC Gels are normally applied thru a small brush. Some of the initial results are noticed in just a few days, and the outcomes are sustained for at least 4 months. Whitening is more likely to be less significant and quick lasting compared to those kits and whitening procedures in in-office.


At-home whitening strips are generally intended to be used an hour a day for almost 2 weeks. You will find some strips, which even enable you to consume water while you use them. That adds an element of comfort to this cheap cost. Similar to other OTC whitening products, strips normally have less than ten percent of carbamide peroxide.

Whitening Rinses and Toothpaste

Whitening rinses and toothpaste normally cost the same as any type of average toothpaste. Those items could change or supplement your standard rinse or toothpaste. This might take at least 6 to twelve weeks to notice the results.