Teeth Whitening FAQs

With the fame of teeth whitening, you will find now a massive accessibility of both professional and OTC applications to anyone who prefers to accomplish that bright smile. However, with manifold products available on the market today, you need to guarantee you’re picking the one, which will work perfect for you and offer you the outcomes you desire.

If you are looking for answers about your teeth whitening questions, this post is perfect for you. Check out this list of frequently asked questions about teeth whitening.

Why have your teeth whitened?

Your dentist has access to the current teeth whitening methods that are changing all the time. Your dentist will also be able to determine throughout your consultation, which one of those is best fitted to your requirements.

You see, not everybody is fitted for particular techniques of teeth whitening because of the condition of their teeth enamel. When you purchase a teeth whitening kit once your teeth are not strong enough, there’s a higher risk that you could do your teeth harm. For sure, you would not try to offer yourself a filling. Therefore, do not try any risk to whiten your teeth all by yourself.

Teeth Before And After Whitening

Do your teeth require whitening?

The answer to this would depend on you. If you continuously consume red wine, coffee, tea, or you smoke regularly, take medicine, or consume a whole host of other food, the changes are your teeth will be stained. Your teeth stain slowly, but it might not just you who notice it. Perhaps, you might notice an old image of yourself, and suddenly you realize the big difference.

When you have veneers or crowns, which were matched to the color of your teeth, and today you see a marked difference, you’ll be able to see the level of discoloration.

Is using whitening toothpaste enough to whiten the teeth?

You see, whitening toothpaste is certainly can help and will whiten your teeth better than other types of toothpaste. However, what most people do not think is that the tooth enamel is layered like skin. By using a toothpaste, you could simply clean the top layer of your teeth and can’t penetrate any deeper. Once the yellowing has occurred for a very long time, like with smokers, the staining will be only deep set through a few layers of enamel. Therefore, no toothpaste can eliminate that.

Should I have my teeth whitened?

You will find many different reasons for having your teeth whitened. And you see, it is all about personal choice. You might have to experience a crisis of self-confidence and might be uncomfortable to smile. You could have quit smoking lately, and you wish to have your teeth returned to its former glory as a reward to begin again. You might have a huge event coming up like a wedding or maybe a bigger milestone. Probably, you just prefer to pamper yourself. The list goes on the why you should have your teeth whitened.

Is teeth whitening ideal for everyone?

The answer to this is yes and no. For apparent reasons, your dentists won’t professionally whiten the teeth if you are breastfeeding or for children. At your first visit, your dentist will complete a full appraisal of your teeth to evaluate their suitability for teeth whitening. Then, the enamel will be examined completely, and they will see if you have a sensitivity or receding gums. Then, depending on the results you got, they will recommend which whitening procedure is ideal for your requirements and needs. This another key reason why you must stay away from home whitening kits.

Can you have your teeth whitened without ending up with ugly smiles?

Certainly! Your dentist will perform all the options available to you and evaluate the levels of whitening required to improve your smile while looking natural. After the process, you will be surprised at how many shades are accessible when we talk about teeth whitening. What’s more, no matter if you need to move up to three shades or twelve shades, you’ll be left with a wonderful smile, which does not have folks reaching their sunglasses.

Teeth whitening is way costlier. Won’t a home kit perform the same job?

The answer to this would be no. You need to take note that home kits provide a fast fix. However, you have no idea if your teeth are fitted for this type of whitening, and the outcomes are quick lasting too. Frequent use of such kits to keep your teeth white might cause permanent damage to both gums and teeth.

The tooth whitening treatment you get at your dentist is customized for your requirements, and it offers long-lasting results. It’s a lot affordable than it was several years ago after the technology went mainstream. We recommend calling your dentist today and receive a full appraisal of your suitability for the current developments in teeth whitening.

What’s the difference of OTC counter solutions and professional in-office teeth whitening treatment?

OTC teeth whitening products are made of generic ingredients and formulas that won’t work for everyone in a similar way. The advantage of opting to a professionally-applied teeth whitening solution is that it’s customized to you. It has the duration and intensity you prefer to accomplish the same results you like.

On the other hand, using OTC solutions comes with some dangers. Teeth whitening comes with side effects, and without professional advice and opinion of a certified dentist, you could respond badly to the treatment.

Teeth whitening must always be done by a dental specialist to prevent several possible issues such as:

  • Lack of results
  • Uneven staining
  • Gum tissue and blisters on the mouth
  • Chemical burns
  • Softening or weakening of the tooth enamel
  • Increased tooth sensitivity

How can you prevent teeth discoloration or staining?

As much as possible, you must control your consumption of drinks and foods, which are known to cause discolouration and stainings like curries, soy sauce, red wine, tea, and coffee. Make sure you also lower the amount of time they make content with the surface of your teeth. Also, quit smoking and see your dentist regularly.